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sharing files : internal IP address instead of external IP address

julien @ Fri Apr 25 07:51:34 EEST 2014
Hello guys

I'm currently testing CrushFTP [b]7.0.2_128[/b], and i'm already impressed :shock:

My serveur is in my DMZ, and i have NAT my public IP address (83.x.x.x) to my internal IP address (172.x.x.x).

When I share a file, CrushFTP automaticaly sent an email with the link.

I have modify the "Share Email Body" and now the link is correct with the external IP address (83.x.x.x)
(read this post :

:arrow: But i still have a problem with the link in the second "sharing files" window :cry:

Publish Completed. Email message sent.
Username : xxxx
Password : xxxxx
Link http://172.x.x.x/xxxxxxxxx

Can you help me ?

Thank you !

spinkb @ Fri Apr 25 08:12:30 EEST 2014
That link is visual and will reflect the URL you used when you made your link.

So if you use a DNS host to access the server, then it will reflect that. Its based on what is in the URL bar of the browser.

julien @ Fri Apr 25 09:10:32 EEST 2014
ok i understand !

I'll create a DNS entry.

Thank you very much :mrgreen:
julien @ Fri Apr 25 09:52:00 EEST 2014
Ben, is it possible to desactive this second window ?


spinkb @ Fri Apr 25 10:34:32 EEST 2014
no...but why?
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