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File Upload Details

lanepulcini @ Thu Apr 24 09:02:49 EEST 2014
Good morning,
I'm trying to get our WebInterface setup and can't for the life of me figure out how to pull in custom form data. I created the Custom Form with a couple text fields and assigned it to a test user. When I log into that test users account and go to upload a file it does indeed pull up this custom form for me to enter information into. What I need to do now is take that information and write it to a log file that gets created in the same directory that the other files are being uploaded to. If I just knew what html file the form data is written in, I could write this myself. So my two questions are below:

1) What HTML file are the custom forms being saved in?
2) Is there a way to write custom form data to an output text file from within the admin console itself?

spinkb @ Thu Apr 24 09:21:21 EEST 2014
Add an event to this user.

On plugin, CrushFTP task (user defined), with an email task, and reference your form element names like {my_item1} or {person_name}, or whatever you called them and they will be put into the email.

If not an email, a HTTP POST to another server? Or a WriteFile task to write the data into a XML file? Or a SQL task to write the data into a DB record? etc.

But you do it in the CrushTask.

lanepulcini @ Thu Apr 24 11:19:12 EEST 2014
Perfect, thank you. I can deal with XML :).
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