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Serv-U import not working

av_tiuk @ Tue Apr 15 08:45:13 EEST 2014
I am currently setting up CrushFTP as a replacement for Serv-U. I have a folder of user files (with .Archive extension) from the Serv-U install. In CrushFTP from the User Manager I click the menu and select "Import Users". I select Serv-U users as the type, browse to one of the .Archive files, and click OK. I get a message that says "Success : Users imported", but the user does not appear anywhere in the user list on the left. Am I missing something here? I tried various options in the Group dropdown, tried searching for the user, playing with the filter, etc. but the imported user is nowhere to be found.

Also, is there some way to batch import Serv-U users? So I could just select the folder containing the .Archive files and have it import all of them, rather than having to do it one at a time.


spinkb @ Tue Apr 15 09:47:42 EEST 2014
Not sure what format of serf-u this is now...
The format CrushFTP supports is from their INI files. So this new format isn't supported.
Do you have export options in serv-u to get another format?
av_tiuk @ Tue Apr 15 09:57:08 EEST 2014
You may be right about them switching formats. If I open one of the .Archive files at the top it has the text ">>> VERSION 2
I just checked and there is an export option. It exports all users to one .csv file.

I tried importing that into CrushFTP, which also gave me a "Success : Users imported." message, but again no new users were created.
spinkb @ Tue Apr 15 10:37:01 EEST 2014
A CSV file in tab delimited format like this can be imported (not as serf-u, but as the tab delimited file import option).


av_tiuk @ Fri Apr 25 08:35:09 EEST 2014
Thanks Ben. Sorry for the delayed response, I had checked the setting to notify me when a reply is posted but I didn't get an email from your reply. I will give the TSV import option a try, sounds like it should work.
av_tiuk @ Fri Apr 25 08:46:05 EEST 2014
On second thought, maybe it won't.

The passwords in the CSV file are hashed, with a salt. The salt is prepended to the hash.

The salt is two lowercase characters. So for example, if the salt is "ab" the password hash is saved as "ab[MD5 hash]" (this is what is saved for the password in the CSV file). When the user logs in the two character salt is prepended to their password, then the whole thing is hashed and compared to the MD5 hash. So if the password is "secret" and the salt is "ab" then "absecret" is MD5'd and compared to the stored hash.

The reason I'm explaining this all is I'm guessing the CSV import feature expects a plain text password and will not import the salted hash and know what to do with it. Is this correct?
spinkb @ Fri Apr 25 09:35:48 EEST 2014
I'll adjust an import process to handle this. I'll get back to you maybe later today...
av_tiuk @ Fri Apr 25 09:55:17 EEST 2014
Excellent, thank you.
spinkb @ Fri Apr 25 11:19:39 EEST 2014
Use the password "password" and give me an example you get.

I want to verify my hash scenario.
av_tiuk @ Fri Apr 25 12:14:28 EEST 2014
I created a user called "crushtest", did an export, and this is the value stored for the password hash in the .csv file:


In this example, "oo" is the salt and "8ED3044FC5098844723091BD3D22A42D" is the MD5 hash of "oopassword".

Let me know if you need anything else.
spinkb @ Fri Apr 25 12:52:28 EEST 2014
Latest build now supports this format. Click update now to get 7.0.2_134

The password in your CSV that will be imported needs to be like this though:


MD5 Salt 2 is what MDS2 stands for.

So you need the CSV set like that for your passwords, then CrushFTP will understand them. It won't save new password in this format, but existing passwords will work like this.

av_tiuk @ Fri Apr 25 13:03:35 EEST 2014
Sounds great, thank you very much for your assistance.
av_tiuk @ Mon Apr 28 12:45:44 EEST 2014
I just wanted say I had a chance to use this new feature and it works perfectly. Thank you once more for your efforts.
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