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How do I apply a new certificate once I've created the new Keystore?

knalbone @ Fri Apr 11 08:46:50 EEST 2014
Hello everyone,
In response to the Heartbleed bug I've been rekeying many of my SSL certs over the last few days. I followed the instructions on the Wiki at to create a new keystore for my CrushFTP installation. I saved that keystore to the server and on the Admin->Prefs->Encryption->SSL page I entered the path and password of the new keystore. However when I visit the site in a web browser it is still delivering the old certificate. What am I missing?

knalbone @ Fri Apr 11 09:05:21 EEST 2014
Apparently the old keystore I was using was still specified under Preferences->IP/Servers->HTTPS. I changed the information here and all is well.
tpwilshusen @ Fri May 09 17:36:27 EEST 2014
[b]Thank you!![/b] I fought with the keystore / certificate business for hours before learning there are two places to identify the keystore.

And I might further define that the setting Preferences->IP/Servers->HTTPS-->[color=blue]Advanced tab[/color].
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