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Embed Username and Password in URL

ganske @ Tue Apr 08 15:06:23 EEST 2014
Is there anyway to embed the username and password in to the URL. We have a user that when he sends the URL {site}{folder}{sub folder} it prompts for login and goes to the base folder. If they access the URL after logging in, it will take them directly to the folder as intended.

Is there a way to send them directly in to a folder without prompt?

Solyom84 @ Tue Apr 08 15:09:28 EEST 2014
Hi, Ganske.

You should use the share and that does everything you are asking for.

Let us know.

ganske @ Tue Apr 08 15:22:40 EEST 2014
I understand that Sharing is an option but Sharing places a temporary life on a login and password. Is there a way to embed the original ftp username and password so they can send direct links to folders instead of drilling down?
Solyom84 @ Tue Apr 08 15:40:31 EEST 2014
You create custom link, like:{user}&p={pass} or{user}&p={pass}&path=/{name} or{user}&p={pass}&path=/{the_fiel_path}{name}

ganske @ Tue Apr 08 16:17:51 EEST 2014
Awesome. Is there a way to auto-populate the fields and copy them to a clipboard? For example, putting a right-click action in that says Link that fills in those fields in to the clipboard?
spinkb @ Wed Apr 09 06:11:23 EEST 2014
There is a right click and copy link...but we don't expose the user/pass in there for security reasons. So you would have to do that part yourself if you wanted to.

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