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Reinstalling CrushFTP with same configuration

dsnowdy @ Mon Apr 07 04:23:30 EEST 2014
I need to upgrade my server from XP to win7, and then reinstall CrushFTP.
Is there an easy way to save my configuration and restore it after I install CrushFTP?

Dave Snowdy

spinkb @ Mon Apr 07 04:49:33 EEST 2014
Just copy the CrushFTP folder is all, then copy it back.

dsnowdy @ Mon Apr 07 06:14:36 EEST 2014
Thanks. That's why I love Crush!

TBJ @ Mon Dec 15 06:58:12 EET 2014

I have the same problem, but the Daemon / Service won't start automaticly.
I have to start temporary server manually aften each restart of Windows.
spinkb @ Mon Dec 15 07:29:59 EET 2014
Remove the windows service, and then reinstall the windows service.

Does the service work then?

TBJ @ Mon Dec 15 08:09:26 EET 2014

- Startet "CrushFTP.exe" as administrator,
- pushed "Rremoved Daemon / Service"
- pushed "Install Daemon / Service"

Rebootet Windows.

Nope.. No CrushFTP service running.

Solyom84 @ Mon Dec 15 08:54:42 EET 2014
Hi, TBJ.

What is logged on your wrapper.log file inside the CrushFTP folder?

Make sure the user you run the CrushFTP service does have full access to the CrushFTP folder.
CrushFTP needs to have read and write access to it's folder so it can write the changes you make.

If you have multiple java versions, remove the CrushFTP service, remove all java versions and install only the latest one, then install the CrushFTP service again.

Let us know.

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