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group inheritance for web interface

drensta @ Thu Apr 03 09:11:13 EEST 2014
From the docs ( it suggests that you are able to create new groups and have inheritance for those groups. As long as there is a user account the same name and case as the group name you can set that user to have different settings and all users within that group will follow suit.

I can't get it to work.


Userlist within Company-Temp

I change the user Web Interface settings for CompanyTemp and click save.
However, they do not keep. If I select another account then go back to CompanyTemp I find that the web interface settings have gone back to the default account setup

Other settings still keep.
Are you able to change the web interface for groups or do they have to stay the same?

spinkb @ Thu Apr 03 09:14:11 EEST 2014
Remove companytemp from the group.

Remove the existing companytemp1 from the group, and re-add them. If you a dded them originally before you had the user created, they wouldn't also get the inheritance.

Now make a change on the companytemp user, and see the change on people in the group...well, they are inheriting so they will show the inherited value.

drensta @ Thu Apr 03 10:50:24 EEST 2014
It is still not working properly.

I am using an enterprise eval license if that makes a difference

The CompanyTemp user (also the name of the group) always seems to always take the web interface setup from the default account.
I remove all the web interface custom settings from the CompanyTemp account and when loggin in as that account the web interface is exactly the same as the default account.
The only way I seem to be able to change the web interface is to have those same options as in the default account and change them.
Is this normal behaviour? there are some things I have setup in default that I do not want in the CompanyTemp group.
Also sometimes the CompanyTemp user brings in all the web interface settings from the default account.

If I remove all web interface settings from CompanyTemp and then I bring a user account into that group then it brings in all the default settings and the CompanyTemp web interface customizations fill up with what is listed in the default account.
spinkb @ Thu Apr 03 11:20:12 EEST 2014
The WebInterface customizations list is a special setting. Its not an all or nothing item like the other properties of a user.

Each individual setting will inherit through to the end user unless its overridden with another value.

So by you removing it, that just means it will come through from default. if you instead change it, then it will be changed for that user when they login.

Also verify your members of the group show at the very top of the User Manager that they are inheriting from default, and then CompanyTemp.

drensta @ Fri Apr 04 04:06:45 EEST 2014
OK, that makes sense. thanks.
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