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Advanced Uploader not loading Java

brettbob @ Mon Mar 31 14:13:55 EEST 2014
I am on a mac, OS X 10.8.5, Safari 64-bit browser and trying to use the Advanced Uploader, however, the Java applet won't even open. I keep getting "There was a problem loading Java, if Java is disabled in browser, please enable and try again.

However, the latest version of Java IS enabled, in unsafe even. When I test it on Java's site, it confirms it is running. So what is the problem? Older versions work ok on my older macs, however, it is not working properly when every indication is that it should be running. I have a 4G file that I need to upload and I'd rather it didn't take 10 hours. Any suggestions?

I have also tried using firefox, however, I can only log in using firefox, I can't queue anything to be uploaded. And Firefox has just been updated today, 64 bit browser.

Solyom84 @ Mon Mar 31 14:22:06 EEST 2014
Hi, brettbob.

On what exact CrushFTP version and build are you on?
brettbob @ Mon Mar 31 14:25:46 EEST 2014
I'm not sure, it's an online version via a client's link so wouldn't that be the latest version? The only info is "Powered by CrushFTP © 2012 CrushFTP"
spinkb @ Mon Mar 31 15:37:08 EEST 2014
Its very likely they are using an old CrushFTP then, before the current Java restrictions existed...

Back then Applets were a lot less restricted. Today Java and browser are really you can't use the old applet on a new browser. They need to update their server software.

brettbob @ Mon Mar 31 15:47:04 EEST 2014
would downloading an older browser work?
spinkb @ Mon Mar 31 16:14:54 EEST 2014
Using an older machine, with an older java, and older browser...kind of impossible scenario to do on the Mac.
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