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NTFS ACL Permissions horribly slow

gabe @ Thu Mar 27 16:14:41 EET 2014
Hello out there,

I have recently purchased CrushFTP Enterprise and after setting up LDAP Authentication with NTFS ACL permissions for folder access I have a fantastic looking file access server for my organization. While permissions seem to be applying correctly, it takes literally over 2 minutes before the next folder will expand. Sometimes the "Please Wait..." dialog will remain and first level folders will never expand, and when you refresh in this case I am presented with "Error: No data found for /myfolder/."

In CrushLDAPGroup, I am using the ACL command:
[quote]cmd /c dsquery user -samid {username} | dsget user -memberof -expand | dsget group -samid[/quote]
When using the SMB client all folders are accessable by anyone, I guess this is to be expected.

Basically, I would like to have any user in our domain to be able to log onto crush and be able to access only the files they have NTFS permissions for. CrushFTP is installed on a Windows 2008r2 server.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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spinkb @ Thu Mar 27 17:14:25 EET 2014
This is a duplicate to your email to support. I have replied to your direct email there.

Comments here that are different than your email...

The SMB client is unfinished, don't use it. It actually does nothing currently at all.
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