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FTP proxy doesn't work

davide.davini @ Tue Mar 25 04:46:24 EET 2014
I'm evaluating CrushFTP on Ubuntu Linux, I followed the instructions here:

I can login and list the root directory of the remote server but I can't change directory. If the remote server is IIS FTP CrushFTP says the cd command was completed successfully but when I ls it shows the root directory again and again. If the remote server is an AS400 every directory I write after the cd command, even not existing ones, give me a successful reply but when I ls it, even existing ones, I receive seemingly random errors.

The version is, of course, the latest. Any help?

We are thinking to buy the product and this is an essential feature for us.

spinkb @ Tue Mar 25 05:10:12 EET 2014
Hi David.

The FTP proxy capability requires a compliant server. So this means a server responding with the industry standard UNIX style dir listings, supporting commands like PASV, LIST, and ideally even STAT.

AS400's FTP server is something someone in middle school wrote as far as I can tell. Different versions might have different support, but in general the AS400's FTP server engine lacks 90% of what the protocol demands it should have. As a result, its very unlikely CrushFTP can work with that as the backend.

IIS can work fine, but please change the IIS dir listing style to be Unix style and not MS DOS. MS DOS style is too ambiguous on what the possible listings can mean.

Also in the VFS properties for this item, enable "avoid the use of STAT" as IIS doesn't do well with that.

Sorry about AS400, but unless they have improved is, I doubt there is any chance for it to work.

davide.davini @ Tue Mar 25 05:28:25 EET 2014
First of all, thank you for your quick reply.

It seems that changing to UNIX style directory didn't do the trick for us, it might be because we are talking about IIS6. It doesn't really matter, though. IIS was just a mere test to see if we configured CrushFTP correctly, our main goal was to reverse proxy the AS400 FTP server.

We'll look some place else. :) Thanks again.

spinkb @ Tue Mar 25 05:44:23 EET 2014
If you want to email us directly at support and share more specifics now hat your wanting to solve with AS400, maybe we can recommend some other methods. Such as allowing the upload locally, then forwarding on to AS400, etc.

CrushFTP can also act as a FTP server for an outgoing AS400 connection, and proxy that outgoing to a WebDVA, or SFTP server, or even FTPES server.

So there are integration things that can be done...but just not being able to bolt on a CrushFTP server overtop of a FTP server that doesn't actually implement the FTP protocol. (As I does maybe 10% of the protocol.)

So if you want, email us directly and we can try and assist more, otherwise good luck on your search for a proxy solution overtop of AS400.

davide.davini @ Tue Mar 25 08:39:16 EET 2014
Thanks Ben, but what we need is a reverse proxy, everything else is useless for us.
spinkb @ Tue Mar 25 09:15:27 EET 2014
OK, well check around, if you don't find a solution, let me know and we may be able to make customizations to our code base for you.

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