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preview with mounted cifs

markus @ Mon Mar 24 11:48:25 EET 2014
Hi, i'm currently evaluating the Crushftp 7.0.2 on CentOS 6.5; a major part will be the preview of Picture files.
What i have done now:
configure autofs to Mount a share from our netapp. (sucess
share a Folder on from this netapp to a crushftp user (sucess
configure imagemagick (sucess
changed the working Directory, and the path for the preview preferences (sucess

i see that the folders inside ...CrushFTP7_PC/Preview.... are created but it contains just an empty p1 Folder and an index.txt file.

But i have no preview in the webfrontend.

Is this a Problem in from the mounted cifs?

Best regards

spinkb @ Mon Mar 24 15:44:40 EET 2014
Enable the debug flag on the Preview item. Set the scan interval to 1 minute.

Now watch the CrushFTP.log to see what is being logged every minute as it tries to scan your images.

Did you add the folder paths you want to have scanned in the bottom section of the Preview config too?

markus @ Mon Mar 24 16:30:51 EET 2014
Thank you for the hint my problem was the wrong working Directory (should be /usr/bin/ instead of my incorrect /usr/bin/convert. The logfile has pointed me my incorrect setting. I have not seen it before as i had filtered the logfiles with the contend preview.
Problem solved
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