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Migrating SSH key files when upgrading from v4.9.8 to v7.0.2

kent @ Sun Mar 23 15:01:39 EET 2014
Hi Ben,

I'm trying to upgrade from version 4.9.8 to 7.0.2. This is on Windows Server 2008. I'm running into an issue when migrating my SSH DSA key file, though. According to this page (, it sounds like I just need to copy my old confserver_host_key file to ssh_host_dsa_key in the CrushFTP 7 directory.

Don't I also need to put the public key in the file I tried getting the public key from the CrushFTP 4 private DSA key, but it's asking me for a passphrase, which I don't know.

In desperation, I also tried just not having the file, but when I tried to connect via SFTP or SCP, I get the following error:

[quote]no hostkey alg
lost connection

Can you help me out? Thanks!


spinkb @ Sun Mar 23 15:33:48 EET 2014
You don't need the pub file.

You only need the private key file. Then make sure the prefs on the SFTP port are pointing to the new name you gave this file, and that DSA is enabled. Enabling RSA too isn't a bad thing.

kent @ Sun Mar 23 15:49:27 EET 2014

Thank you for the speedy reply. Perhaps I just needed to restart CrushFTP, because after I restarted it, everything was fine. You're right, didn't need the public key.

I re-enabled RSA eventually. (I only disabled RSA to test DSA.)

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