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Permission denied

NetNinja @ Thu Mar 20 15:35:07 EET 2014
Running Centos 6.4

Trying to start the crush sftp and I am getting a permission denied error.
downloaded the file as root. (yeah bad I know)
unzipped the file and CD'd into the CrushFTP7_PC folder
./ start

Then I do a
./ start
[root@test CrushFTP7_PC]# ./ start
-bash: ./ Permission denied

Any ideas why I am getting a permission denied?


spinkb @ Thu Mar 20 16:19:23 EET 2014
chmod +x

Its missing the executable flag.

NetNinja @ Thu Mar 20 16:52:15 EET 2014

You are the Man! I bought your product when I was at another company 5 years ago and now my new company has need for an SFTP server.

Crush is always my first choice. I even recommened Crush to a buddy of mine who worked at the CDC. I think they are still using it there also.
NetNinja @ Thu Mar 20 16:57:53 EET 2014
Ok silly me unfortuantely I uzipped it within the root and tried to run it from there.
I then moved the CrushFTP7_PC dir to /var/opt

Unfortunately I am unable to get into the webconsole. could this be a IPtables?

Using Centos 6.5 barebones install.

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