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User enviroment question

dthurston @ Wed Mar 19 10:17:50 EET 2014
Can anyone tell me if the users are in a type of chrooted environment?
We have a requirement that no user would be able to access any other user's
folder from their own account.



spinkb @ Wed Mar 19 10:19:57 EET 2014
Always. Its a Virtual File System (VFS) that users are in, which may not be based on t eh actual underlying OS filesystems.

So they always have a virtual view into what you a re giving them access to specifically.

Solyom84 @ Wed Mar 19 10:20:48 EET 2014
Hi, dthurston.

All users can access only the folders you granted access to them at the Admin>>UserManager>>UserName in the VFS part.

dthurston @ Wed Mar 19 10:34:33 EET 2014
Thanks all for the replies.
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