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embedded mp4 player

gaselec @ Tue Mar 18 13:03:55 EET 2014
I have Crush making thumbnails from my .mp4 files fine. However when using Preview or Quickview [whats the difference?] some play fine and others only a part second before freezing. It's not a bandwidth issue as it happens locally. I'm creating my files with Episode Pro X264 codec which is the same codec at least as the files that work.
Any clues what limitations or requirement there are of the streaming player that I'm missing please in my encoding?
Files are at 1Mbit/sec 860 X 480 main level

spinkb @ Tue Mar 18 13:07:47 EET 2014
I assume this is the native HTML5 player that is loading and playing these?

Can you embed a screenshot here? Or email one to our support email so I can verify?

And is this the latest v 6.4.0_140+ build or CrushFTP v7.0.2_40+ build?

gaselec @ Tue Mar 18 13:23:08 EET 2014
Version 7.0.2 Build : 36 - should I look for a later build?
this is a PC but same result on the mac

gaselec @ Tue Mar 18 13:33:18 EET 2014
now on build 57 no change.
Have sent a link to support email so you can try playing it!

Simon Baker
spinkb @ Tue Mar 18 16:31:25 EET 2014
That is really very odd. The best I can tell is the movie is technically corrupt in some a way that quicktime is OK with, and maybe other things, but web browser's are not? The web browser is using HTML5 for the playback engine and it is what is freezing. When I look at the network requests the browser makes, its very strange as it keeps making all sorts of different requests like its not liking the data its getting.

So I exported the movie myself here as a MP4 file, h.264, aac, and that works fine. So its something in your current movie file format.

gaselec @ Tue Mar 18 17:18:00 EET 2014
Thats what I conclude. Sometimes the sophistication of Episode Pro is greater than I can cope with!
I'll persevere with it.
many thanks as always for the prompt and informative information
Simon Baker
gaselec @ Tue Mar 18 17:21:59 EET 2014
what did you use to make your movie that worked, was it ffmpeg? That might make my project a bit easier if it was.
spinkb @ Tue Mar 18 17:22:55 EET 2014
I just exported from quicktime player was all. I had QT player 7 pro, so its before apple removed the tools built into things.

ffmpeg may work too.
gaselec @ Tue Mar 18 17:24:38 EET 2014
thanks, will have a play in the morning [UK time]
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