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Make files/folders case insensitive on Linux?

QPC Helpdesk @ Mon Mar 17 12:11:09 EET 2014
We just set up our licensed CrushFTP server this past weekend on a CentOS 6.5 server. Unfortunately, we realized some of our users got lazy with a Windows-based FTP server that didn't pay attention to folders and files being uppercase or lowercase. Now that we're on Linux, this matters since CrushFTP won't see "Folder" as being the same as "folder", causing change directory commands and such to fail.

Is there a way to make CrushFTP insensitive to the case of files and folders or do we need to try and change the behavior of Linux? (Only way I know of is to use "ciopfs" ( ) which is not ideal.


spinkb @ Mon Mar 17 12:20:55 EET 2014
Sorry, no. CrushFTP can't know the difference on what was intended when eh customer specifies it incorrectly.

You would need another VM using a case insensitive FS, or other means.

QPC Helpdesk @ Mon Mar 17 12:21:38 EET 2014
That's what I figured. It's not CrushFTP's fault. Thank you.
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