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LDAP Plugin - Creating Folders

dcstalls @ Thu Mar 13 19:37:28 EET 2014
I am only using the LDAP plugin for our users. This works and the users folder is created on login. However to keep things as simple as possible, I want to automatically create (2) folders in each users directory:

Upload (users can only create/rename/upload) to here
Download (users can only download) to here

I tried to use "HomeFolders" but that did some strange things, then I found another post that said not to use both together. Now I am stuck scratching my head :roll:
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spinkb @ Thu Mar 13 20:26:32 EET 2014
There isn't a way to do that for now...

You could have a common shared upload folder, or common shared download folder, but there isn't a way for now to be able to create multiple home folders and assign permissions on them as well... Not a bad idea, just not present at the moment.

Send us a direct email on this and we will add it into the queue of upcoming things and notify you when done...but only if you send us a direct email so we can track it.

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