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Login Page Color

dcstalls @ Thu Mar 13 17:36:47 EET 2014
I would like to change the color of the background of the login page. However I do not see where to do it in preferences>WebInterface

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Solyom84 @ Thu Mar 13 17:42:22 EET 2014
Hi, dcstalls.

You can duplicate the login.html file, rename it, and carefully not to brake the code, edit the renamed version in a text editor.
After this is done, go to the Admin>>Preference>>Webinterface and specify the renamed file name.
Save the changes and reload the page.


Hi Arpad,

I did it like you described, but after the last update, the color changed. Is there another solution?

Best regards,


You need to do this with the admin, preferences, WebInterface, login page, custom css.  Don't do duplicating and editing of login pages anymore.  That was advice from 2 years ago.

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