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Restrict LDAP/AD Config to Connection Group/ip Server?

sexy-trousers @ Wed Mar 12 16:18:40 EET 2014
We are using magic directory to create user logins for our external partners/users, but it would be helpful to config LDAP/AD authentication to allow our internal users to login. I don't see any way of limiting the plugins to only relate to specific connection group or server ip (which would be nice, then you could just have MD check on once server IP and check LDAP on another),

So does that mean if I want to do both as I mentioned above? Then all login methods will be checked for each login? i.e. a user tries to login it checks for a local user, then traverses all the folders for a magic directory login, then checks LDAP? Can you even have MD & LDAP enabled at the same time? If so, in what order are they checked?

Thanks, TJ.
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spinkb @ Wed Mar 12 17:16:14 EET 2014
The plugins are handled alphabetically. So it would do internal, CrushLDAP, MagicDirectory.

All can be used.

CrushLDAP can be configured to only operate on a single server port...but magic directory can't.

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