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Sending email to external clients

ggordon @ Wed Mar 12 10:16:29 EET 2014

I am running a trial of V7 and I am having issues sending emails to external email addresses. Internally they work fine but when I try to send to external emails I get the message "smtp 550 5.7.1 unable to relay." I tried to allow anonymous access via a relay connector but that did not work. I think it has to do with the settings on my Exchange server, (2010). I am totally stumped right now and am hoping that someone has experienced this before and has a resolution. Thanks.


spinkb @ Wed Mar 12 10:21:41 EET 2014
Maybe someone else will chime in here on the exchange config. This is definitely an exchange issue, and that the server is not whitelisted, or allowed to be used to send externally with a non authenticated user.

ggordon @ Wed Mar 12 10:39:21 EET 2014
I noticed that when I try to share a file externally it bombs out and then I get the option to send the link via my email client. When I click on that it opens in Outlook. I would be happy if I could just force everyone to use their email client to send share notifications but I havent seen an option for that.
spinkb @ Wed Mar 12 11:17:54 EET 2014
There is a checkbox to not send an email. You can default this to off, and even hide it, along with the other email related fields.

That would then make it quick and simple for the link to open in an email client.

ggordon @ Wed Mar 12 11:29:23 EET 2014
Where can I turn this off and hide it? Thanks.
spinkb @ Wed Mar 12 11:33:38 EET 2014
User Manager, default user, WebInterface section, customization list.

Filter it down for things related to "share".

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