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SSO (Single Sign-On) Login Available?

dcstalls @ Fri Mar 07 21:41:31 EET 2014
I have an SSL VPN appliance that supports SSO. Part of our company policy it to protect all resources behind the VPN appliance.

I have created an HTTPS application in our VPN to point to the CrushFTP server and it works fine. However, there is also an option to enable Single Sign-On. Both the VPN appliance and Crush are configured to use LDAP/AD. If possible I would like the VPN to automatically log the user in...

The VPN needs the following info for Single Sign-On to work:
Authentication Type: Form, NTLM
Single Sign-On URL: (text field)
Request Type: Get, Post
Request Format: (text field)
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spinkb @ Sat Mar 08 03:15:25 EET 2014
The login method is Form. The way the login works is based on a cookie token.

Sot he URL is your server url with parameters "u" and "p". Either GET or POST is fine, I suggest using GET.

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