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User config update not reflected in web interface unless I manually refresh

codewzrd @ Fri Mar 07 14:37:40 EET 2014
I've got CrushFTP running in Windows connected to SQL Server 2008 database. I want to disable an existing user, so I update that user's max_login prop_value to -1.

I then try to log in as that user and I am able to.

If I click the refresh user button, I then see the Enable check box unchecked. Then, I tried to log in again, at which time, I was unable to.

It appears to me that crushftp is caching the information. Is there a way (setting or otherwise) that will do refreshes quicker?

I did not see anything in the docs.


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spinkb @ Fri Mar 07 15:40:16 EET 2014
There is a modified_times table that is supposed to control the caching. if the time and date is changing there, then there should be no cache.

There might still be a 10 to 20 seconds cache going on with the DB driver stuff though for performance reasons, but nothing long term.

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