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Purge Job Logs?

sexy-trousers @ Thu Mar 06 16:18:03 EET 2014
Hi Ben, how do I purge scheduled Job logs in enterprise? Can I schedule or set a limit of how many logs to maintain?

Thanks, TJ

PS. It seems the move action now removes folders, thanks for fixing that.
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Solyom84 @ Thu Mar 06 17:51:59 EET 2014
Hi, TJ.

You should update your CrushFTP to a later build, as now it's added on the Admin>>preferences>>logging tab.

To update to a later build in CrushFTP, login to the WebInterface, then click on Admin, then go to the About tab of the Server Admin interface that loads initially. Clicking 'Update Now' will update to the latest build. The check for update only checks the major version number, and not the _build numbers. So ignore it when it says you are up to date.

If this is Windows, and you have not installed the service, you will need to right click and run the update.bat that appears after the update runs. In some cases, you will have to do this regardless if your Windows install doesn't run this file automatically.

You can also manually grab files and add them individually from here:

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