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Upgrade from version 4

SFXPost @ Wed Mar 05 10:00:30 EET 2014
We are still using CrushFTP4 and I would like to upgrade to the newest version that will run on my server. We are currently using a Mac G5 PowerPC with Dual 2.56Ghz processor 4.5 Gig of ram and running OSX 10.5.8. According to the information on you web site I should be able to run the latest version on my computer. But after downloading the demo I am only able to create new Admin User and Authenticate for OSX. The next step "start a temporary server" only returned a blank page. I am not able to proceed from there. Will CrushFTP7 work on my computer or am I doing something wrong?


Helena E. Confer
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spinkb @ Wed Mar 05 10:49:26 EET 2014
Due to OS bugs and java bugs, you may not be able to use the GUI at all really...

But it will still likely work as a server once you install it.

Try from the command line.

cd /Applications/CrushFTP7_OSX/
sudo ./CrushFTP.command -d

See if things are working then with the daemon running.

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