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Keep getting 'Your quota has been exceeded' message

Des @ Wed Feb 26 18:28:11 EET 2014
Hello all,

I'm using crushftp 6.3 and just yesterday, I keep getting the following error message:

ERROR: Failed to upload files
4: Your quota has been exceeded. Available: 0k.

There is plenty of space and no quotas set. This just started for [u]one[/u] particular user yesterday(others seem to be ok) when trying to send some files (less than 100mb) . Has anyone else come across this?



spinkb @ Wed Feb 26 18:37:27 EET 2014
You do have a quota set on that user, on one of the folders. 0 is a quota. An empty value is no quota.

Des @ Wed Feb 26 19:06:19 EET 2014
Hi Ben,

Cheers for the prompt reply. Unfortunately all the quotas are set to blank. I'll keep trucking away at it.

spinkb @ Wed Feb 26 19:07:50 EET 2014
What about other max values for transfer per month and such?

All else fails, delete an recreate the user.

Des @ Wed Feb 26 19:13:22 EET 2014
Yea they're all set to 0 (no limit). I'll investigate a little further before recreating the account. Thanks for assisting
Des @ Wed Feb 26 20:45:56 EET 2014
Adding a high quota to the user seems to have done the job. A strange one considering it was set to no quota but it's working now so happy days.
spinkb @ Thu Feb 27 03:01:06 EET 2014
OK, glad its working then.
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