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Invalid User email issue and log problem

jvamos @ Mon Feb 24 08:03:32 EET 2014
I keep receiving an email:

[code]invalid email attemped

What's the best way to rid myself of it? Also, when I attempt to check the log remotely it errors out with Nothing to show there was an error fetching the log...
Has the crushftp log fallen out of the server's default path? I haven't moved it. I tried changing permissions from root to the logged in user and back again.


spinkb @ Mon Feb 24 08:06:27 EET 2014
In your prefs, alerts, remove the alert for that.

Are you using IE when viewing the admin interface?

jvamos @ Mon Feb 24 08:09:07 EET 2014
Using Firefox
spinkb @ Mon Feb 24 08:14:10 EET 2014
What are your settings on the log tab of the prefs?

What is the log filename?

Is disk logging enabled?

What exact CrushFTP version is this?

jvamos @ Mon Feb 24 08:31:01 EET 2014
Yes it's enabled

Version 6.4.0_144

CrushFTP.log was in the root folder I have moved the setting to the crush6 folder but to no effect. I have also changed the path. it had a bunch of [code]../[/code] leading it. Which would make it look folders above crush's directory?


spinkb @ Mon Feb 24 08:34:24 EET 2014
it should be "./CrushFTP.log" for a windows machine.

For a OSX machine, click browse, and chose your folder to have an absolute path.

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