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Thunderbird Filelink

nathanb @ Thu Feb 13 13:58:04 EET 2014
There is a feature in the Thunderbird e-mail client called Filelink. This feature allows you to use a file sharing server (Dropbox, Yousendit, and Ubuntu One are supported) or WebDAV (via a plugin) instead of sending a file attachment.

I would love to integrate this for my users with our CrushFTP installation. Ideally it wouldn't just place files in a user's publicly available directory (every user is setup with a "Public" directory that has the correct permissions set), but use the share utility to create a file that automatically deletes itself. I would settle for the the public folder as an option, but I thought I'd look to see if the "correct" way is possible.

Has anybody gotten this working? If so, what sort of problems, if any, did you run in to?

Thanks in advance,

Nathan Bell
Systems Administrator
Action Target, Inc.

spinkb @ Thu Feb 13 15:17:37 EET 2014
We are working on adding an Outlook plugin for this.

I don't know about Thunderbird support though as its kind of far from mainstream as far as end user usage.

It could easily be done properly, so i will keep it as an idea and maybe add it in the queue after outlook is done.


I have used Encryptomatic's Outdisk product to accomplish this in Outlook. It works well.

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