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Sharing issue

Richard Robinson @ Fri Feb 07 11:15:50 EET 2014
I have just installed Crushftp and am having what I am sure is a configuration problem. User shares a folder with file "a.file" in the folder. The recipient can see "a.file". The recipient uploads "b.file". The problem is that the user who shared the folder can only see "a.file" not "b.file". I have the home directory plugin disabled and the user folders are not in the crushftp directoy. Help!

spinkb @ Fri Feb 07 12:16:55 EET 2014
The folder being shared needs to be shared by reference and not by copy.

In your User Manager, default user, WebInterface sections, customizations, filter on share and look for the default type. You can make shares default to that type.

Otherwise, use the advanced checkbox and change it when sharing.

Richard Robinson @ Fri Feb 07 14:44:38 EET 2014
Thanks. That fixed it.
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