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Crush FTP7 won't launch on Mavericks

JakeD902 @ Wed Feb 05 14:04:10 EET 2014
As stated in the subject, a new Mac Mini on a clean install of Mavericks, CrushFTP freshly downloaded won't launch. Simply bounces in the dock then stops, no error message.

I also can't find an install guide of any kind in the wiki, here, in the downloaded files or on elsewhere on the web. Anyone who knows the location of a step-by-step install guide, please post a link.


Solyom84 @ Wed Feb 05 14:13:14 EET 2014
Hi, JakeD902.

All you have to do is download the archive, extract it and move the CrushFTP folder entirely into the Applications folder.
Right click on the CrushFTP GUI and run it as an admin or open on some OS.
If it won't run like that, then in the Terminal you can start it manually:
java -jar CrushFTP.jar

Let me know.

JakeD902 @ Wed Feb 05 14:39:31 EET 2014
Aha. Java is a requirement then? Which version? It's no longer installed by Mac OS X, which is probably why the app is not launching.
spinkb @ Wed Feb 05 14:41:04 EET 2014
Yes, but you don't have to use the old Java from Apple.

It should work from Install that.

JakeD902 @ Wed Feb 05 15:40:30 EET 2014
I installed the newest version (7 / 51) from Oracle. I deleted the Crush folder from /Applications, re-downloaded and re-copied the newest version from your site, and it closes immediately when I click the icon. Attempting to run via the Java command reports there is no JDK installed. A window opens asking if I want to install the JDK, I click OK, nothing happens.

Crush FTP still does not run. Perhaps the version of Java Apple is serving is compatible?
JakeD902 @ Wed Feb 05 15:45:27 EET 2014
Installing Java 2013-005 from Apple allows me to launch Crush. It's either a problem with Crush lacking an Apple dev sig, or parts of Java 7 / 51 being incompatible, unsigned or otherwise blocked by Apple.
spinkb @ Wed Feb 05 16:27:46 EET 2014
I will handle this differently in the future...I didn't realize it would work this way.

Now to find a Mac without java installed to do an effective test. :(
spinkb @ Wed Feb 05 18:55:25 EET 2014
Latest build now handles all scenarios. If you have the oracle java installed, it uses it. If you don't, it prompts OSX to grab the apple one automatically if there isn't one installed already.

So any new downloads have this fixed now.

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