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Users can not log in

rsvlsteel @ Tue Feb 04 08:39:18 EET 2014
I have about 2 accounts that are able to log in to the server. All others including newly created accounts can't log into the system. A database test gives the following error.
Testing Database


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spinkb @ Tue Feb 04 08:49:39 EET 2014
Are you using a database? Unless you changed things to use a DB, default is XML mode, and its the preferred mode.

When you look t the User Manager, are their multiple User Connection Group option at the top?

Which one are you editing?
rsvlsteel @ Tue Feb 04 09:11:38 EET 2014
No I haven't changed anything. Only one connection group called main. All ip server prefs connect to main group. Anyway to blow this all away and just start over?
spinkb @ Tue Feb 04 09:16:18 EET 2014
Your users that work are listed there too?

As well as the users that aren't working?

In your prefs, logging, set the debug level to 1. Repeat a login attempt and email us what shows in the log. Email support.

rsvlsteel @ Wed Feb 05 08:09:03 EET 2014
Log file emailed as requested.
spinkb @ Wed Feb 05 08:12:22 EET 2014
Lets try this again.

What i am looking for in the log is you attempting to login as a non working user.

The log you sent me was just a log, and it had no attempts at failed login. I only saw your crushadmin user.

Make several attempts, tell me the username you tried, and email me a new zip of the log.

If the log doesn't show anything for your attempt, then your not even connecting to CrushFTP.

Maybe include some screenshots in the email too of what you see as the user when it fails.

Let me know,
rsvlsteel @ Wed Feb 05 11:24:09 EET 2014
Found a work around. default admin account can not create users for whatever reason. Gave admin rights to another account and recreated users. Everything works now.
spinkb @ Wed Feb 05 11:56:42 EET 2014
Recreate your normal admin user now that you have another admin user. Something must be wrong with it.
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