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User only admin

Fuzz @ Mon Feb 03 10:46:51 EET 2014
I followed the guide here:

but I am having a problem. If I create a user I don't get a choice under server files. If I click "files" at the top left, I get an error:
"There was a problem while loading user info, you will be logged out."
After I log back in I can then select the new user and see the expected file system.

The part of the guide I am not sure of is this:

"must also be a user named "sub_admin" which has a VFS with the folders you want the admin to be able to work with. "

Do I click "add new" and give a new VFS name and put the folder I want the user only admin to have access to on the right or left side?

spinkb @ Mon Feb 03 11:31:13 EET 2014
I think this is the critical part you have missed.

The user admin is a configuration of a specific username (sub_admin) who will have a VFS that is used while the admin is connected and working in the User Manager. This VFS should also match the admin user's VFS, although your admin user can have *more* access, it cannot have *less* access for the items this sub_admin user has.

I believe that is the issue you have encountered, your admin username doesn't have enough access to manage the sub_admin group you have asked it to manage.

Fuzz @ Mon Feb 03 11:50:13 EET 2014
Ah, that appears to have been it. Thanks!
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