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Crush Task Find And Move - DMZ to

I have automated content on Server A which is on the DMZ network where CrushFTP is installed. I need to send this to Server B which is on the corporate network.
The 'Find and Move' task was successful which I achieved by mapping the destination folder from Server B on to Server A.
However, to map this drive I obviously had to supply ServerB credentials on Server A to communicate which isn't ideal as we don't want corporate passwords on this DMZ server.
Does anyone know of a way I can create a task within CrushFTP where I can achieve this? 
I presume if not this will be the requirement of another CrushFTP license and installation on the destination ServerB so I can map the DMZ source drive?



Is Crush running on both servers?

Is the ServerA running as a "DMZ" instance of CrushFTP where its controlled by the internal server?  Or doe sit just happen to sit in your DMZ?

Crush just happens to sit on the DMZ server where the required content is stored..
Thank you 

Then connect from the internal CrushFTP to the external CrushFTP using http/https/sftp...  Login as some account that has access to those files.

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