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Cant Set Memory Use

Hi Support,

I have tried to set memory with "right click". However, the memory size is being the same "247.5mb" despite I have set 4096.

Please advise!



Restart CrushFTP after configuring...

Is this OS X, Windows, or Linux?

Windows has a service/wrapper.conf file and this is what is being configured.  If you set it too high, the service won't be able to start...

May I know where do I find the service/wrapper.conf file?

In your CrushFTP folder, in the service folder.


I have post you a screenshot. I don't see there is service folder. and this crushftp is newer version

(62.8 KB)

You have not installed the service.  Open the app, click install service.

Hi, When I click install. there prompt me an error with screenshot attached.

(57.4 KB)

That isn't an error....its a statement.  Register CrushFTP and you can install the service.  Are you only trialling CrushFTP at the moment?  Otherwise you need to purchase it.

If your trialling CrushFTP, you don't need to configure memory as there wouldn't really be anything during a trial you could dot hat would need a lot of memory.  If there is, email us at and we can issue you a temporary trial key to utilize.


Initially I thought this CrushFTP is General Public License?

BTW, the price stated there is one time off or yearly subscription?

It is never free.  It is shareware.  Your re allowed to trial for 30 days to test things out, and afterwards either delete or purchase.

The price is for the license, its perpetual.  if you later want a newer version when we release v9, you can purchase the v9 version with an upgrade.

Understand! one more question here. if we purchase a license with yours. Can I replace your CrushFTP icon?

The logo on the login page can be configured in preferences, WebInterface, options.  You can also specify an alternate name for a favicon if needed.

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