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Remote Item, disable prefetch


I have noticed a considerable slowdown when browsing my FTP server.

I have a folder that contains multiple "Remote Items", and I've noticed that the server connects to each in turn when I list the folder they are in.

For my purposes, that doesn't scale well, and I'm going to have to re-organize my folder structure - unless it is possible to stop this initial connection?

Ideally, I'd like it to list the folders, and only CONNECT when I traverse into a remote item location.

Many thanks,


When a folder is listed, a connection has to be made.

You can prevent that by putting remote items in virtual subfolders.  For example:




and so on.  That way you can list the virtual folders and navigate only to the one you want to access.

Thanks @ben, that is as I suspected.

It's inconvenient in my given scenario, but I'll work something out.

Please consider a feature request that doesn't attempt to connect to the remotes until they are actually requested.

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