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LetsEncrypt/Certbot/ACME and Pwned Passwords

Any chance of Certbot/ACME integration for SSL cert issuance and renewal?


Also would love to have passwords run through the Pwned password database (

Especially if it was done via k-anonymity 


Letsencrypt...maybe eventually, but its low priority.  I would strongly recommend real cert authorities as opposed to continually rolling out new certs frequently through an automated process...just my opinion.  But we are looking at it.  We just aren't going to bloat our software to use all the libraries there examples want for the purpose of something that should be extremely simple.

Pwned passwords...not a bad idea, I'll look at this for CrushFTP 9.

First off, thanks for even considering my suggestions.

There is no need for ACME to add any bloat or extra libraries, check out these implementations that run fully in bash:


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