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CrushTask jump to job

Looking at the jump task at it mentions "...will jump to a specified job, and task item. If the job is left empty,..." I cannot see a way to specify a job to jump to. Can anyone point me to where I specify the job name to jump to?

Some background: I'm creating 2 file processing jobs that need to email on error. I want to create an OnErrorEmail job that both processing jobs would call so I can configure email details in one place rather than each job.

Additionally I will need to know the source job that caused the OnErrorEmail job to fire so I can have valuable context in the email I sent. I found the {schedule_name} token by reviewing other forum topics and found but I can't find a full list of all tokens available. Any help finding tokens to help with this would be appreciated.

{schedule_name} is the job that was run, not the job linked in.

Slightly mis-worded instructions.

Jump jumps to other tasks.  Another task could be a "Link" task which links to another job.

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