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Import User CSV Format - Permissions

I need to add tens of accounts to CrushFTP server running 7.80.  User management has "Menu - Import User", but I can't find documentation as to the format that permissions need to be declared. 

I am specifically having trouble specifying read/write/view permission to folder and subfolders of a common folder that all users will have access. 

Any links, guidance available? 

CrushFTP 7 is nearing EOL.  CrushFTP v8 is what you need to upgrade to.

v8 also supports importing users using CSV and is very flexible on its import.  So you really need v8....

Is there documentation on CSV format used for user import for v8? 

In v8 wiki, the "Menu - Import User" option isn't documented


The v8 CSV import is a self explanatory dialog.  Granted we need to document it and add screenshots...I'll make a note to have that done.

It gives you. preview of the CSV, lets you map columns, etc.  So any format CSV is fine.

v7.8 gives preview of the CSV, lets me map columns as well.  I don't really care which I use - but before going through upgrade in search of features that mightn't exist, there are two things I need to understand:
  1. What is the expected format of the "Permissions" column?
  2. Can I specify permissions to multiple folders during CSV import? 


Didn’t realize we added it in 7.8...sorry. Thought it started in v8. 

Permissions are:

(read)(write)(view)(list) etc. 

See a vfs.xml to see all of them. 

V8 can add multiple folders on subsequent imports, but that I am 99% sure did not happen in v7. 

I had a really hard time figuring this out. We have CrushFTP v8 installed on a Windows box. Data is stored in w:\data. I use this import file to create new users:
Name, Password, "Home Folder", Permissions

test2, PassW0rd, /W:/data/test2, (read)(write)(delete)(view)(resume)(deletedir)(makedir)(rename)(share)(slideshow)

Hopefully this is helpful.

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