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Files Missing When Using Different Browsers

Have a situation where some users are able to see files when they log in initially to the Web Portal ( 7.7.0_5), and then the files disappear from the list and show a "No Files" message 2 seconds. This issue occurs when running browsers in certain instances:

PC 1: Chrome Browser = Not working \ Internet Explorer: Working

PC 2: Chrome Browser = Working \ Internet Explorer: Working

OSX Yosemite: Chrome Browser: Not Working \ Safari = Working

My question is this:

Aside from the browser updates, Java updates, etc. anybody sees any issues similar to this?

Any suggested browser support that works best for the web portal?


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Its a Chrome autofill bug.  Newer chrome versions have the bug, especially if they have ever autofilled something on the site before.

You need CrushFTP v8.  We worked around their bug in it.

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