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Default users - basic understanding.

Hi, so I was wondering few things about the default users and I couldn't find it in the documentation or in the forum threads.

I saw that for example, the user 'default' has a password is it possible to login with the default user?

The same question for TempAccount, also here password is editable should it be changed?

I Also notice that user 'anonymous' is deleted from our CrushFTP is there any issues that can come with it?


No, default user is only for templates.  A new random password is saved on every server for default user just for people who are curious, but even if you knew that, its still a reserved username that isn't valid for logins.

TempAccount is the same, its for when people make shares...its the template for them, but it can't be used for logins.

Anonymous is not there by default, you have to make it.  If you do, then there is anonymous access to whatever you give that account.

Thanks !
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