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Unable to connect after Services preferences change

We had a problem that led to our MainUsers database being deleted.

In the server items panel (FTP/SFTP/HTTP, etc), HTTP and HTTPS were changed to a different user connection group as an interim fix. However, we have now completely lost the connection to the web interface. Is there a way to reset the server items to something that can be accessed? We just need any method to get back in at this point. Though hoping we may be able to restore the MainUsers database from a snapshot.

How did the DB get erased...really to restore functionality, you need that DB back...

Just changing the User Connection Group on the ports to another User Connection Group doesn't resolve the issue as you re still missing the users...  They are all in one DB, just set as a different tag for their name.  So if you truly lost the DB, you lost it all.

Using XML is safer in many ways as its disk based, and every change you have made saves a prior backup copy you can revert back to.  I'm not a fan of Das for user storage like his...too much risk on one place, I trust a filesystem more.

You can edit the prefs.XML and set XMLUsers to "true" and then make a new crushadmin user using the GUI app, then login and change the admin, preferences, user config back to SQL mode again and browse through what you have in your DB as users.


All resolved. As it turned out, the folders with MainUsers was still there (I wasn't able to SSH as I don't have that level of admin access on the machine, was just trying to help), but somehow the prefs.xml had become messed up and in the Web interface, it wasn't accessible.

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