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Having an owner/user for each Crush Jobs

Can we have a way to assign a CrushFTP user to a Crush Job, so that when we do reporting we have the job’s transfers reportable against the owner of the data/Job?  Similar to how you have the setup to allow nominated users to ‘monitor’ jobs.


In our setup, we are essentially a clearing house for automated file transfers in and out of our organisation, so most of the transfers are done as jobs, not someone actively logging into CrushFTP an up/downloading files manually.

Not currently possible...but I have your other ticket on this issue.

Its a sort of area we plan to do though, being able to track the flow of jobs through suers for reporting purposes and what files were transferred, etc.

That will a good solution for us.  Do you have a timeframe of when you might be able to develop that solution, so that I can let people know here that something is coming in say X months.

I can only say 6 months, it might be sooner, but I can't indicate anything sooner.

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