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File Encryption


I have some questions on the file encryption.

1. What folder locations are encrypted when this is turned on?

2. Can I control this in some way?  I would like one set of folders encrypted because of the data in them.  Another set isn't critical and don't need to use the CPU cycles to encrypt and decrypt data  in those.



You enable it on a user...and its for that user and that user's folders.  It doesn't affect existing files, just files being uploaded.

You can also do it on a per folder basis in the VFS area, advanced if you don't want to do it on the entire user.


Thanks for that feedback.  I have found what you are talking about for setting this both at the user level and a set VFS folder for a user. Is it possible to set this for a folder, regardless of the users?  Any data put into a set folder by anyone get encrypted to be stored?


No, things are user based in CrushFTP.


Couple more question on this and I think I am done for now.  

1.  I have a folder that is shared by a number of people.  If I set it up so that they are all saving encrypted files with the same key pair, will user one be able to open files saved by user two?

2. A user assigned to a folder and then set it up so that files stored their by them are encrypted.  If that user sends a share link to someone else asking them to upload a file, what happens to that file?  Is it stored encrypted or not?


1. ) Yes

2.) Test it.  I believe the folder will inherit their config on that folder so files from another user will also be stored encrypted with the original parent user's key.

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