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Move Crush Job into DB


I need to load the crush log into DB. Please let me know the way to move the crush log into DB.

Have you looked at the admin, preferences, logging tab? Bottom has the selector to add db logging for the secondary logging destination.

I don't see any option in logging tab. Attached is the screen shot for logging tab in my crush app.


"Logging Provider"

I have changed the option to log to DB and updated the DB Setting for the mentioned. 

also i have written insert script to insert the log into DB. but unfortunately records are not inserting.

Kindly let me know , is there any specific value need to mentioned. 

for Long_Millis,Log_tag and Log_Data. 

or is there any keyword like {name} are available.


Those are the only items...

restart CrushFTP after you have updated DB settings and if the DB is valid, it will start logging to it in addition to its normal log file.

Make sure your driver file is available too.

So you mean to say the insert script is like 


If not what will be the values?

THE default was correct. Revert to default if you changed it.

Note : When we run any Job ,log file for that particular job will store in one server or folder, that file content  needs to be stored in DB.

Job logs are not stored in DB.  Currently no plans to add this.  You can manually implement a job yourself reading log files and writing DB entries, but we don't have this native capability.

Thank you

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