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Java SE / JDK v 9 compatibility?

Just curious if Crush 8 is compatible with the newly released Java 9 codebase. Thanks for all your diligent hard work to make such a fine product!

I would not expect any issues with java9. We did not have issues from java 5-8. We are not tied to specific JVM features.

Well, there goes that theory. I test installed Java 9.01 SE and we faced a host of problems in that 24 hour window: admin and regular users couldn't login (a handful of users, not consistent enough to discern a pattern). CPU usage was VERY high, sometimes pegging the CPU on the java process spiraling out of control at 600% CPU. Also, we saw memory errors thrown — Crush threw up a never-before-seen dialog about hitting a 1024MB memory ceiling. Rolling back to Java 8 SE build 8u151 returned all behavior back to normal. So my anecdotal advice is to avoid Java 9 at the moment until it matures more.

I've ran CrushFTP on my PC with JRE 9.0.1 x64.  I'm not seeing any ill effects. CPU, Mem usage, Functionality looks okay.  Have any know issues been discovered?


Jared Parish

Its mainly just issues with installing the service.  It likely won't install yet.

If I'm running CrushFTP on Linux, I'm assuming this wouldn't affect me?  Otherwise, is it wise to run Java 9?

Thanks for your input.



No effect on Linux then.

But just try things out to see if you find issues...we have very little experience in java 9 so far.

Sorry, i forgot that salient detail in the original report back: our platform is Mac OS X 10.10.5, Yosemite running the Mac OS X Server stack. Still no issues to report with Java 8. Java 9 has been nothing but trouble in 2 attempts (but admittedly, not the last, most recent update — I'm sitting on the sidelines until it stabilizes).

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