CrushFTP 8.2 Released!



_5:added support for Amazon KMS keys for S3, haddop support for failover URLs, s3 multithreaded downloading

_10:updated PGP libraries to current

_12:previously generated reports can be viewed through the DMZ

_13:added replication for saved HTML reports

_14:allow controlling all kex for SFTP now

_15:added CrushDuo authentication plugin

_18:added support for DMZ only working with current internal ServerBeat master

_20:fix for CrushClient scheduled scripting mode leaving tabs behind, and encryption to Copy/Move tasks

_22:added explicit log message when a user's password is changed by server admin or user

_24:adds auditability in better detail of exactly what setting changes in logs

_25:allows ssh public key files to be placed on remote servers

_27:allows sending DMZ log messages to central internal server

_28:active job transfers now show on the server admin dashboard too

_30:added user log info to jobs triggered by a user action

_30:session logs are now stored in separate folders to avoid file system issues

_30:added scaled retry delay for CrushTask retries

_30:added support to retry a failed job

_32:Added support for handling connections as a SMB proxy</br>

_33:added log messages for PGP on the fly actions and more verbose URL logging in all job tasks

_34:added test PGP button, and easier windows service install with memory and run as user config.

_35:added admin IP restrictions for who can do administration on the server

_37:added min DH prime size for SFTP, and recaptcha on a per user basis in the User Manager

_41:added flag for controlling DMZ messaging mode using notify/wait or sleep.

_43:faster UI loading in User Manager and Preferences


_1:fix for smtp with server's not supporting sasl

_2:fix for s3 and AWS4 regions with files with spaces

_3:fixes for canceling WebInterface uploads

_4:fix for SMB:// home folder URLs in LDAP

_6:fix for x-amz-security-token on S3 v4 auth

_7:fix for FTPS ports and proxy protocol v1

_8:fix for CrushClient UI bug leaving behind tabs

_9:fix for WFTPD FTP server errors

_11:fix for password only auth without keyboard interactive for SFTP

_16:fix for Web uploads when dealing with a slow disk

_17:fix for DMZ race condition on uploads

_19:faster DMZ file uploads of small files

_20:fix for Wait task waiting on prior threads to finish

_21:fix for random salt generation with automated user creation

_23:fix for CrushFTPDrive on OSX, and HomeDirectory folder creation replication

_26:fix for resetting server stats on dashboard

_27:fix for bad DMZ logins triggering excessive retries</br>

_29:fix for logging bug blocking startup in some cases

_31:fix for foldermonitor triggered crushtasks

_35:fix for job scheduling bug for last day of the week

_36:fix for zip download

_37:fix for SFTP min/max DH key size, and Azure fix for subfolders

_38:fix for PGP logging in CrushFTP log and job logs

_39:fix for HTTP proxy mode with old proxy servers

_40:fix for sharing some items not functioning

_42:fix for duplicated dir items in merged VFS listings

_44:fixed flag always enabling v8worker flag on DMZ mode

_45:fix for serialization bug, http header issue, redirect bug, and xss issues. Credit: Jake Miller from Bishop Fox.


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