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[CrushFTP] - How to check the memory used by CrushFTP


Is there a way to check the memory currently used by CrushFTP installed in a windows environment ?


Login as an admin, dashboard, memory graph. It has the max and used.

Many thanks Ben :)

Last question, is there a way for non-admin users to get this information ?

No...but you could make a user a limited admin with the ability to view server info.... User Manager has a section in the admin area for this.

Hello again,

Is the "memory used" as we can see on dashboard the same as the memory used by the "CrushFTP Server" service (java.exe) ?

No.  Java is its own machine.  Java Virtual Machine.

The service uses a pool of memory, and in that pool it has its own tracking of memory usage.

Ok, thank you Ben.

I'd like to know if the "memory used" parameter is recorded somewhere. 

My problem is the dashboard only provides a few minutes of data.

Is there a log file or something with this kind of information ?

The CrushFTP.log file tracks memory usage over time at 10 minute intervals.

Is there a way to get this log more often, like every 30s/1min ?

Edit "memory_log_interval" in prefs.XML file to make it 60 second instead of 600 seconds.

Hello Ben,

Unfortunatly, we don't have this parameter on our prefs.XML (we use the the version 7.3 of crush).

Thanks for your help

Sorry...can't help you then.  Your on an old outdated version, we aren't developing on it, and it has vulnerabilities against it.  You need to update to a current version if you care about security on this.


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