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Multiple Domains

Wonder if someone could possibly assist...

I have recently enabled a new domain to access the FTP site and will need to slightly personalise the landing page for this domain only - literally change the logo.

Therefore I presume I will need to create a landing page for both domains as would they currently be using the 'login.html' ?

As a new HTML file would need to be created, is there a siomple way of doing this? Could 'Login.html' be copied and amended ?


The admin, preferences, WebInterface, options allows you to set a specific login page to be used for the domain.  favicon, and login page.

So make a copy of login.html, call it domain.html.  Adjust it to point to another logo file sitting in the images folder.  Then when people use that domain and hit the login page, they will get different content in their login.html page referencing the other logo file.

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Perfect thank you 

This worked on the initial Log-On screen, but once logged on, the logo has defaulted back to the original...
I have amended the <img id="imgLogo" src="/WebInterface/images/newlogo.png" within the html document but the issue persists. I am unable to locate any other value which refers to 'Logo' ... Is there something I am missing ?


The logo for a logged in user is controlled by the User Manager.  So use a group user they inherit from and set the logo in the User Manager, WebInterface section, customizations.

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