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Start SSL or other Free SSL Cert with CrushFTP

Anybody have a how-to "step-by-step" recipe on how to hook up a free StartSSL certificate to Crushftp?  

No matter what I do following these directions - I am stuck with errors on the web-based interface login.  You can login if you do the "proceed" procedure in your browser to an unsafe web site.  

The START SSL folks have a new interface and domain name here:

I'm obviously doing something wrong here.  Used to have a certificate setup last year from StartSSL and now I don't know what I'm doing wrong here. Standard FTP sessions with FileZilla connect just fine and appear encrypted and using the Start SSL certificate.  

If you have a step-by-step instructional on how to hook up Crush FTP with a different free SSL Certificate service - let me know.  Or a cheap one.  My Crush FTP server is primarily for small business and personal/family use and I just want a green "secure" padlock on the web login and don't need EV or anything fancy there.  


BTW - directions I tried to follow are from here:

All certificate authorities...I don't care who they are, work exactly the same way.  They just put a different UI or design aorudn the exact same identical process.  

You need your own private certificate.  This is what step 1 does in the CrushFTP instructions.  Step 2 is always getting a CSR from that to have it signed.  And step 3 is importing that signed certificate back into your keystones you have the chain of trust.  Your cert, which as signed by their cert, and their cert is references in the keystore usually too.

So exactly where did the steps fail you?  Did step 3 work?  What exact error is the browser reporting?  Is it still getting your old cert?  Or the crush builtin cert?  Etc.


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