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CrushFTP & Synology DiskStation

I have a Synology DiskStation ( 8-bay, 48TB, 1815+ )

Was wondering if there are directions for installing CrushFTP on this device, or better yet - a DSM package that I could download and use, or something.  I just can't see setting up a whole other box.

I would prefer a DSM package tho.

If you have root access on it, its just like any other Linux box.

But we have no packages, nor is it possible for us to make a package installer for it either unfortunately.

ok, I can enable SSH on it and use SUDO for the install.  Was just really hoping there was an easier way so I didn't screw up something with the device.  

Sorry, only that way.  You need to get java installed, then its a normal Linux install of CrushFTP.

Easy enough.  Maybe I'll try installing CrushFTP in a linux VM first to make sure I have the process down.

Carl, I have the same wish. Did you succeed in installing CrushFTP on your Synology?

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