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issue when moving VM hosts

Good morning!

i have crush 8 running on a CentOS 7 guest VM on virtualbox software on windows host

everything works fine in this setup

I have just setup a dedicated Hyper-V 2016 server and i'm in process of migrating all of my VMs over. 

I am running into the huge issue of CrushFTP not working right after i move the VM.

not sure what's happening.

my process is the following:

1. snapshot then clone the original vm.

2. convert to VHD and copy over to hyper-v host

3. boot into recovery and update kernel (this updates the hardware drivers)

4. change the network adapter to the new one. set the IP address to what it was with the old adapter. remove old network adapter from configuration.

5. reboot & done.

all of my other CentOS 7 machines migrated well with these steps but CrushFTP is giving me issues. It will not load. when i try to go to <ip>:8080/Webinterface/login.html and put in my username/pass it returns undefined:undefined after hanging the page up for a minute or so. 

url rewrites dont respond at all (i have a subdomain point to a proxy which routes it to port 8080 without exposing it)

any help is appreciated

Start by going direct and avoid all proxying.  Debug one issue at a time.  If port 8080 works fine without any issue, then you need to go debug your proxy config.

If even port 8080 fails, you need to look at the CrushFTP.log.

apparently there is some weird issue that prevented mysql access, hence the inaccessibility and crashes.

I've changed the local ip of the server and suddenly it started working again.

I do remember, however, that i did the same thing yesterday and it worked fine until earlier today, forcing me to start from scratch. I will keep monitoring the situation for now.

update... issues persisted. i might just end up doing a fresh install and buy the license again. 

something does not want to work right

You don't have to buy the license again...but I suspect your proxy scenario, or using a DB backend for users, etc...something with your proxy or DB are having issues.

well.. proxy is simple. its a separate VM using HAproxy with ssl termination. traffic between proxy server and crush is http and it works fine as it is currently set up. the issues happen when i change the machines. i think something happens with mysql connections. i have mysql 5.7 community (once again on a separate server). i think when i change the "hardware" (move the VM from virtual box to hyperv) and reinitialize the IP address on a new adapter... somehow the MySQL connections dont get through. When i change the IP of the new server (lets say from .0.153 to .0.154) it lets me load the page and login but stops working shortly after. i feel like it would be easier for me just to clean install on a new host and just go from there.

That is fine.  I would recommend avoiding using SQL...its not needed, XML users are faster and it removes a complexity if its an option for you.

yea i can migrate back.. not a problem. i thought sql was faster.

there was a point about mass-updating users and with SQL it was a piece of cake. I got a NAS and moved storage there, but to update users and all of the VFS i just exported the table as csv, modified the file in excel, and then re-imported into sql. would that be possible with xml users?

Mass update on the text Xml files would be all...using something like Notepad++

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